Summer Clean Out – School Haz Waste

Schools are getting out and this time of year and our time is dedicated to schools, both private and public, undergrad and university. MLI Environmental understands that as the school year winds down, so does the school budget. Yet does your school have a solution to managing its hazardous waste issues?

Schools are facilities as well, and facilities have volumes of cleaning agents, paints, Universal Waste, old electronics, and fluorescent lights that all have to be managed for proper disposal.

Schools also incorporate laboratories for training students in chemistry. Hazardous chemicals are purchased as virgin chemicals, but in the process of synthesis, the end result is usually a hazardous waste chemical residue or liquid. This can not be responsibly washed down the drain. These chemicals must be contained appropriately and a company such as ours is called for an estimate on proper Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sanctioned waste disposal.

In the past, state environmental agencies have granted funds for the elimination of a school’s hazardous waste when the national and state economy were well funded. As a result, public academic institutions did not have the burden of budgeting for their own waste disposal, because they did not bear this burden, they were under no pressure to regulate chemicals and facility waste.

Since then, schools have had to conform with state hazardous chemicals restrictions selecting one person (Facility Manager, Science/Chemistry Head, etc.) to regulate incoming and outgoing chemicals. This “Chemical Hygiene Officer” usually has had to tackle the chemical disposal budget as well. They understand today that any generator of hazardous waste incurs the “Cradle to Grave” responsibility.

Allow us to educate and train your managers, teachers, and even your students. With our experience, MLI Environmental can guarantee you solutions to ensure the safety of your environment and the health of its employees/students. MLI also understands the economy and can institute creative ways to pay off your disposal expense.