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Founded in 2003 as a subsidiary company of Maine Labpack, Inc., MLI Environmental began in the Greater Portland, Maine area providing environmental health and safety audits to schools and hazardous waste generators. As the needs of our customers grew, MLI followed. We have become a leader in international and domestic certified dangerous goods shipping and hazardous waste services across New England. As one of the most trusted hazardous waste disposal companies in the region, we specialize in dangerous goods shipping, hazardous materials shipping, and hazardous waste disposal and management.

Hazardous Waste Management Service Areas

Located conveniently near the Maine Turnpike and Interstate 95, MLI is licensed to provide hazardous waste disposal and management services to:

  • Northern Maine including Aroostook County
  • All of Central, Western, and Coastal Maine
  • All of Massachusetts including the Boston metro area
  • All of New Hampshire
  • All of Rhode Island
  • All of Vermont

Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Shipping Service Areas

MLI provides certified dangerous goods shipping and hazardous materials shipping services internationally and domestically.

Company Values

At MLI Environmental, our core values are honesty, integrity, fairness, and the pursuit of excellence. We pledge to:

  • Be truthful and forthright with all proprietary information without deception or intentional omission. MLI pledges always to be upfront with your facility on all costs and expectations before work is completed.
  • Be diligent, reliable, careful, prepared and educated in all matters, including safety and compliance. MLI promises to provide the best compliance and safety guidance based on regulations and best management practices.
  • Perform due diligence when developing the knowledge, skills, and judgment necessary to provide the best and safest service possible.

To learn more about why we are one of New England’s most reliable hazardous waste disposal companies, please contact us at MLI Environmental today.

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