Does your facility accumulate small amounts of different hazardous chemical wastes? If so, a chemical lab pack is likely the solution.

What is a Lab Pack?

Lab packs are a method of packaging small containers of compatible chemicals for shipment and disposal. Any container larger than 5 gallons is considered a bulk hazardous waste.

Lab packs are segregated and inventoried into compatible groups such as acids, bases, flammables, and toxics. The containers are “padded” with a material like vermiculite for absorbance and protection during transport. The drum is then labeled and prepared for shipping based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Once ready for shipment, the materials are transported to a treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF).

Once at a TSDF, the chemicals are prepared for disposal. Types of disposal and treatment can include incineration, recycling, secure chemical landfill, fuel blending, or neutralization, and are based on the chemical constituents of the waste.

MLi Environmental offers professional chemical lab pack services, sending chemists who are trained in chemical recognition and compatibility to perform same-day lab pack services under minimal supervision from you. We prepare and provide paperwork including the hazardous waste manifest, container inventory packing slips, land disposal restriction forms, proper labels, and markings.

Lab Pack Examples

  • Paints and Stains
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Laboratory Waste
  • Expired Acids and Bases
  • Old/Unused School Laboratory Chemicals

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