School Health & Hazardous Materials Safety Audits

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The safety and health of our children, young adults, and community is a priority for everyone. An environmental hazardous materials safety audit provided by MLI Environmental is a tool available to all schools and universities. It can provide disaster prevention while creating a safe and secure learning environment.

There are established requirements surrounding environmental health and safety for which school systems must comply. Your state’s environmental agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) dictate these rules.

Hazardous Materials Safety Audits

MLI Environmental works with educational facilities throughout New England to assess schools for compliance with health and safety regulations. Our team of compliance specialists survey all rooms and areas of the school as a third party objective consultant identifying problems. Upon completion, a detailed report is generated that provides guidance to remedy areas of concern.

Services include:

  • Chemical and hazardous waste management plans
  • Review of training records and documentation
  • Development and execution of a mandated Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Inspection of all safety equipment
  • Recommendations for chemical disposal, labeling, handling and storage
  • Hazardous waste packing and transportation services
  • Provide compliance advice for storage of chemicals and universal wastes
  • On-site training in hazardous waste operations, chemical hygiene and more

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