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MLI Environmental’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Audit programs help healthcare facilities, schools, universities, manufacturers, laboratories and more know the costs and risks associated with poor environmental, health, and safety compliance. At MLI we offer a comprehensive waste audit and analysis of your company’s EHS procedures and offer solutions to any problems found.

Inspections conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Depart of Labor (DOL), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or other state and federal enforcement agencies, can result in large fines if your company is not in compliance with their established rules and regulations.

MLI can help your company stay in compliance by auditing your facility, and providing unbiased guidance in areas such as hazardous materials management, disaster preparedness and accident prevention.

  • Inspection of hazardous waste storage areas
  • Identification of compliance issues and solutions to fix them
  • Review of safety data sheets
  • Assistance with contingency plans
  • Pollution prevention and waste minimization guidance
  • Safety training
  • Fire Code, OSHA, DOT compliance
  • Chemical and hazardous waste management plans

Over the last 20+ years, MLI has performed thousands of laboratory chemical cleanups, lab relocations, waste inventory inspections, and unknown chemical classifications. We have completed legal paperwork and worked with numerous industries, all without one health or safety incident. We recognize the impact that a safety incident could have on your facility, and we are prepared to help. Our team of experienced EHS professionals identify risks and implement third-party objective solutions.

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