How to Choose a Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

A hazardous waste disposal company provides necessary, if not vital, services for businesses, companies, and institutions that generate hazardous waste streams. Finding the “right” disposal company cannot be understated. For starters, regulations and protocols that govern the management of hazardous waste are numerous and often present many challenges for generators. Staying compliant in an ever-evolving regulatory environment requires expertise. Ultimately, the responsibility is on you, the generator—by law, companies that generate hazardous waste have a cradle to grave responsibility for its proper disposal.

Choosing the Right Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

The hazardous waste disposal company you choose should fit your company’s needs. Hazardous wastes are wastes that hold properties that are dangerous or have the potential to cause great harm to human health and/or the environment. To remove the threat of harm, proper management and disposal of hazardous wastes is or should be a top priority for all generators. Some protocols mandate hazardous waste transportation, handling, recycling, treatment, storage, and disposal on the federal, state, and local levels. Partnering with trained, certified professionals with expertise in managing hazardous wastes can alleviate the challenges and streamline the process of waste transportation and disposal.

Understand Your Requirements

An important first step is identifying and matching your needs with a company that fits your waste profile. Answering basic questions such as: “What type of hazardous waste are you generating?” “And how much and how often?” “Are there multiple kinds of hazardous wastes on site that require servicing?” will help define your particular needs.

Seek Out Qualified Experience

Once you determine your requirements, the next step is to ensure that the provider has the capabilities and experience that match your criteria. The disposal company’s service history, certifications and licensing, and expertise in your area of regulatory compliance should all be checked or verified. Regarding the latter, the right disposal company should not only help you navigate through federal, state, and local regulations to remain in compliance but do so with minimal disruptions that can save you money over the long term.

Prioritize Compliance Over Cost

It is in your best interests to select a hazardous waste disposal company that can do the job as required—one that will ensure you are in compliance at all times. Choosing the least expensive disposal company may save you money in the short term. Still, it could also result in extensive fines and lawsuits if that company does not have the experienced personnel to handle your waste disposal needs properly.

Should You Hire a Hazardous Waste Company?

Chances are if you are reading this, your company or institution is not generating hazardous waste on an industrial level. A good amount of hazardous wastes are generated at healthcare facilities and medical labs, during small and medium-sized manufacturing processes, at school and university labs, research facility labs, from cleaning solvents used in retail environments, and byproducts of oil and fuel processes at garages. Such instances require personalized yet comprehensive management of the hazardous waste generated at the business or facility. Your hazardous waste disposal needs and removal services may be limited to lab packs, medical waste, chemicals, bulk solvents, radioactive materials, oils, or PCBs. You may require environmental chemists to handle unknown waste identification and characterization.

Contact the Professionals at MLi Environmental

MLi Environmental is a small hazardous waste company that offers detailed personalized waste services to various companies. We offer personalized and comprehensive hazardous waste management services that can be dovetailed to meet all your disposal requirements. This includes lab packing services, hazardous material decontamination, and waste profiling. We are licensed in hazardous waste, explosive, radioactive, and bio-hazard transportation. We also generate the necessary manifest paperwork to ensure your company complies with federal, state, and local regulators. If you are looking for the “right” hazardous waste disposal company, look no further than MLi to discuss your hazardous waste disposal needs. Contact us today!