When Does a Small Hazardous Waste Company Make Sense?

When it comes to a hazardous waste company, we feel that smaller can often be better, especially knowing that the pros often outweigh the cons in service quality. Consider MLI Environmental. We do lab packs. Many companies do more than MLI Environmental when it comes to field services, but that also means they must support logistically and technically those other aspects. You, as a hazardous waste manager, have many functions, but the last thing you need to worry about it is running problems down with your vendor.

Chemical Waste | Hazardous Waste Company

As a small hazardous waste company, when MLI works for you, we follow up with detailed personalized service, particularly if there any issues that arise as a result of our work. That type of response has been the leading contributor to our growth throughout New England. We don’t own tanker trucks and if you need vacuum service you do have to call a competitor. We, of course, have favorite vendors that we can sub, but some generators want one vendor that “does it all”. Well, you can have that, but then you “pay for it all” too.

Our Fields of Expertise

On an apples-to-apples basis, we compete and beat international vendors, in our fields of expertise. Those fields would be:

  • Lab packing services
  • Licensed hazardous waste/explosive/radioactive/bio-hazard transportation
  • Waste profiling
  • Sourcing disposal
  • Unknown testing
  • EPA Facility audits
  • Specialty chemicals and gases
  • Hazardous material decontamination
  • Recycle services Universal Waste (U/W)
  • Manifest paperwork
  • Dangerous Goods mailings (DG)
Chemical Labpack | Hazardous Waste Company

Another advantage to using MLI is that, once a competitor understands you may seriously consider using us, they develop this fear of losing your business due to high pricing. So they either threaten you with not providing the additional services we don’t offer or they bring their pricing down to be competitive.

Contact the Experts Today

We urge you to then consider that comparatively speaking, while we have worked as far as Texas, we are a small company that is working to grow in our specialties. We are currently expanding into New York also. We guarantee our work! For any questions, please give us a call, contact us online or submit a request for an estimate.