Chemical Relocation and Laboratory Moves!

Chemical Relocation or Upgrading the Facility?

Has your business or school location become outdated, too small, or expanding creating the need for a change in venue? Do you have chemicals to be packaged and transported to a new location or off site for storage during renovations? There is often hazardous waste found during a chemical relocation or renovation. Use a company that gives you the opportunity to dispose of material that is no longer in use or outdated. These chemicals are not needed in the new location and can be disposed of on the same day as a move. Why hire a company to do this you may ask. There are laws and permits that must be followed to safely and legally transport hazardous materials on the roadway. You should hire a company that can do it all!

Moving Locations? We got you covered!

Moving locations is stressful enough, so consider hiring a company who can take care of the packaging, transportation, and unpacking of your hazardous chemicals. Our chemical move services can include facility decontamination, chemical relocation within the same building or campus, facility decommissioning, chemical lab packing, and unknown testing. We have all of the materials needed to safely package chemicals keeping them intact during transport.

How to get the job done.

We will segregate chemicals by compatibility, hazard class, and DOT regulations, create packing slips for containers that will be transported. We then transport chemicals either off-site for storage or to the new location and assist in unpacking the chemicals. Let the professionals worry about packing and transporting your chemicals safely and make the chemical relocation easier on you!