Did you know that you need to be certified to ship hazardous materials and dangerous goods? At MLi Environmental, we have the training required under International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to ship hazardous materials by ground and air internationally and domestically.

DOT and IATA regulations are always changing. MLi takes on the liability of properly packaging dangerous goods while generating all of the required paperwork for you. Our dangerous goods experts are always up to date on required training and new regulations.

How We Help You Ship

At MLi, we are here to work on your behalf to provide everything you need for successful hazmat shipping services. This is how our process works:

  • Submit a form or call us to discuss the dangerous goods or hazardous materials you wish to ship
  • We classify and identify all hazards associated with your goods according to DOT and IATA guidelines
  • MLi generates all dangerous goods documentation, markings, and labels for you and prepares the empty package
  • We mail you the materials you need for a successful shipment with detailed instructions
  • You box your goods with our direction and deliver it to your local carrier for shipment

MLi also offers onsite services to prepare, package, and ship your hazardous materials and dangerous goods direct from your location.

Benefits of Using a Certified Dangerous Goods Shipper

  • Expertly prepared shipments ensuring compliance
  • Your shipment delivered correctly and quickly the first time
  • Reduce risk and liability on you and your company
  • Eliminate time and money meeting training requirements
  • Avoid having to interpret comprehensive rules and regulations
  • Skip the need to purchase proper labels, packaging, markings and paperwork