Unbiased and Confidential Hazmat Audits For You

Ever walked into a schoolroom and smelled odors not common at home? Or maybe you opened a closet at the office and saw a trash pile of assorted containers? You ask yourself “Why weren’t these thrown out with the regular trash?” Or maybe you didn’t care. The storage of spent chemicals is usually something no one wants to worry about. It’s all fun and games til someone gets hurt. You have responsibilities related to the proper management and disposal of hazardous materials at your facility or school. At MLI Environmental, we promote safe storage of said wasted chemicals by offering confidential hazmat audit services. This includes:

  • Proper Inventoryhazmat audit
  • Date of Expiration
  • Segregation of Dissimilar Hazard Classes
  • Shelving, Cabinets, and Drum Storage
  • Substitution of less Hazardous Chemicals
  • SDS updates
  • Sampling & Confirmation of Profiles
  • Ventilation
  • Review of End Disposal Waste Facilities
  • In-House Training for Shippers and Responders
  • Emergency Response

MLI Environmental understands your profession is fraught with safety and budgetary concerns. We approach your employment from an understanding of a “Whole Business Concept”.  In other words, we review the objectives of your company, yourself, EPA/DEP/DOT.  As your consultant and hazardous materials shipper, we look at all of this data and give you our advice on how to best satisfy all of these commitments.

Our experience allows us to bid against international companies such as Veolia and Clean Harbors. They are great companies and cover more scope than ours, however, on a specialty basis, we have competed and beat them time after time in service and pricing. It costs you nothing to get our advice on an upcoming project.   We handle electronic equipment cleanouts, bio-hazardous, chemical, and pharmaceutical waste disposal. Special handling of waste streams like secure witnessed destruction of DEA controlled substances, cylinders, unknown testing, and specialty wastes.

In over 20 years, MLI Environmental has conducted over 4,000 incident-free hazmat audit jobs. Our aim is to impress you so much, you want us back again. Contact the experts at MLI Environmental for more information or request an appointment to walk through your laboratory, hospital, school, or facility.