Top 4 Ways the E-Manifest System Will Affect You, The Generator

1. Generators need to register

In order to initiate a hazardous waste shipment, the generator must register at RCRA info to register your site and create a user account. It is recommended that two people are signed up as site managers to manage the site and be able to manage hazardous waste shipments.

2. No more paper trail

When shipping with a paper manifest, there were copies left with the generator and a photo copy was sent to the state. Then the TSDF would send a copy to the generator and state once the waste was received. Now if a shipment is made using a paper manifest, the generator is still left with a copy and still needs to send a copy to the state. But the TSDF now does not send the generator a copy once the waste is received. The TSDF uploads the paper manifest to the e-Maifest system. The generator would have to log into the RCRA info website to review their shipment to be sure it was received and processed.

3. Generator needs to initiate shipments

Currently to fully submit an e-Manifest the generator needs to initiate the shipment, add the transporter and the destination facility information. From here the transporter can add shipment details such as shipping descriptions, waste codes, containers, etc.

4. Obtaining an EPA ID Number

Some states will allow generators to self assign an EPA ID number or use a generic number. Now a facility needs to register and obtain an EPA ID number for that specific site. This varies state to state so generators should check with their state Department of Environmental Protection.