As a leading vendor for on-site Labpack and consulting services in New England, we have seen many health and safety violations during the course of our jobs. As a function of this and our desire to help our generators avoid state and federal fines, we usually unofficially discuss remediations and corrective measures as part of our value-added service. But we do more than that.

For a fee, MLi Environmental conducts an official bi-annual inspection of your facility under a contractual arrangement. We generate a report for you. Our arrangement allows us to contact you to establish a time/date that MLi Environmental will arrive on site to audit. You grant us access to all spaces and cabinets and we inspect them for discrepancies that government and state agencies would find and penalize you for.

MLi Environmental drafts a report listing the discrepancies we have found upon Third Party Audit & Inspectionsinspection (citing federal regulation when possible) and we offer suggestions for using common sense approaches to a safer work environment.

The report is kept confidential between you (the generator) whom is paying the fee and MLi Environmental. What MLi Environmental offers you is a non-prejudicial assessment of your facility and its environmental health.

Results of a 3rd party audit:

  • Workplace safer & healthier for employees
  • EPA audit less likely
  • Assist in request for hazmat budget line item
  • Minimize insurance liability

For more info, do call or email…we are happy to visit you to discuss further.


About MLi Environmental

We are specialist in the disposal/removal of Hazardous Waste streams from companies all over the United States. We also act as Hazardous Consultants to many large generators within the East Coast area.