What does a Generator need to review from last year?

If you have yet to register through the e-Manifest system, it is highly recommended.

Why? Because the receiving facility or TSDF is now uploading manifest information from the paper manifest and creating an electronic manifest. Therefore, the generator is not receiving a final paper copy back from the TSDF. This is because, once registered a generator (and anyone involved in the shipment) can access on the e-Manifest system. Next, you should review your manifest copies to make sure there are no discrepancies, that the shipment was received, and to check that your paperwork matches what the receiving facility uploaded. Lastly, review and file all of your inspection records from storage rooms, eye washes, safety showers, and fire extinguishers. These records need to filed and readily available should you have an inspection.

New Year reviews for a Haz Waste Generator.

Reviewing protocol and safety procedures is a great way to start the year for a generator.  Start with your hazardous waste storage areas, then clean and organize those storage rooms. Create inspections forms for storage rooms and safety equipment. Review chemical inventories, and dispose of old chemicals or chemicals that are no longer in use. Review employee training files, over the year employees get hired or leave so it’s a great time to review training files and schedule training.

Review the past few years, reevaluate procedures and create a fresh start to the new year.  Looks at what is working and what needs improvement. Explore local consultants who can assist in creating improving procedures and have someone on the outside come in and assess what you are doing to help better the facility.