Methane Gas Locked in Arctic Sediment Potentially Could Impact Our Climate


An arctic researcher from the University of New Hampshire has discovered methane gas within ice-like crystals locked in sediment. He believes this could impact global climate change.
Arctic Icecap | Methane Gas

Lead author Joel Johnson, an associate professor of geology at UNH, states “We’ve found an example where methane produced at a mid-ocean ridge is locked up in stable, deepwater gas hydrate, preventing it from possibly getting out of the seafloor.” He also made note that the findings may actually be supplied by a large portion of abiotic gas found throughout the Arctic. Abiotic methane is methane not generated by decomposing carbon.

This leads one to wonder, how many more unknown dynamic earth systems are in place that impacts our climate despite the minimization of our population’s carbon footprint? To read more of the article from ENN, please click here.

Published on March 31, 2015
Originally sourced from ENN (Environmental News Network)