Hazardous Waste Removal Consultation

So you have some hazardous waste that you need to dispose/remove from your premises and you don’t know what to do.  Perhaps you have a Hazardous Manager  on staff but you feel you cannot justify their salary and benefits.

Then MLi Environmental may be your solution.

Our Consultation Services are on an “as needed” basis and we can perform the following services:

  • Chemical and hazardous waste management plans
  • Provide packing of chemicals for transport
  • Arrange transportation of waste to appropriate facilities for disposal
  • Separation of chemicals for proper storage at your facility
  • Recommendations of cost-effective ways of disposal/removal from your facility.
  • “Cradle-to-grave” compliance
  • Certified and Insured
  • Many more options available for discussion

What makes us able to provide these services?

Hazardous waste to be removed by MLi Environmental

MLi Environmental has performed over 4,000 lab chemical cleanups, lab moves, waste inventory inspections, container and drum disposals, legal paperwork, and unknown classifications, without one safety accident or incident. We also provide on-site training, in areas such as Hazardous Waste Operations, Function Specific and more.

Person to person customer service with employees who strive to meet your waste removal needs is a hallmark of MLi. We realize that the possibility of being fined, penalized, or even warned could mean your job and future career. Our team of experienced employees is trained to handle all responsibilities on site providing one less thing you need to worry about in your already busy workday.

MLi Environmental Consultants are not for all generators but we do provide personalized solutions for all your Hazardous Waste Management needs.

Our company is equipped and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.