CTS Decon- Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination

Decontamination Storage Unit Clean UpCrime Scene Clean-up involves cleaning up dangerous and often hazardous materials. This could mean the biologically contaminated scene of a violent death (homicide, suicide or accidental) or the chemically contaminated scene of a methamphetamine lab or anthrax-exposure site. ­When a violent death occurs in someone’s home, the family typically doesn’t move out of the house. Our job is to remove any sign of what happened and any biohazards that result from such an incident.

Federal regulations deem all bodily fluids to be biohazards, so any blood or tissue at a crime scene is considered a potential source of infection. You need special knowledge to safely handle bio-hazardous material and to know what to look for at the scene.

At MLI Environmental we will properly remove, package and dispose of any bio-hazardous waste at the scene of an accident. Our technicians are trained and certified as well as discrete and sensitive to the situations that may be involved with a clean-up. Since professionalism is a high priority, we will always adhere to O.S.H.A., EPA and State Health Department guidelines and procedures. We will also help you to work with your insurance company and make things as easy on you as possible.

Our company is equipped and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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