I am contacting Primes as my firm is very much interested in participating as your subcontractor in the title area of “Hazardous Materials Scientists & Specialists”. We have military veteran-owned status and are proud to offer hazardous waste consulting for businesses.

Chemical Hazardous Waste

MLi Environmental LLC has relocated to New York from the Greater Boston Area to provide consultation services and grow into the more labor-oriented fields of transportation.

Our knowledge is experiential and comes from over 20 years in the field of Packing and Transporting Hazardous waste and chemicals. We have provided estimates to schools, laboratories, hospitals and industry for complete disposal services, cradle-to-grave:

We relate to our customers with personal management skills that build trust and rapport. Some services you can expect from MLi Environmental include:

  • Fully insured and maintain Federal and state taxes as an ‘S’ Corporation.
  • Maintain an EPA Identification # and have DOT permitted lift operated box trucks.
  • Monitor in-situ equipment.
  • Sample and profile.
  • Don hazmat suits and respirators to identify, classify, and consolidate hazard classes for containerization in accordance with DOT and EPA regulations.
  • Ship and drive hazardous waste chemicals and recyclable goods interstate, to EPA and state-approved TSDF’s.
  • Completing Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests for our generators.
  • Act as liaison between our generators and state/EPA officials.
  • Provide hands-on training for generators.
  • Perform on-site audits and prepare reports for our generators to warrant lower liability insurance premiums.
  • Experience working aboard USCG approved merchant vessels, tugs, and tankers.
  • Have cleaned oil facility #6 Bunker C oil tanks and mucked out sewage lines, under supplied-air.
  • Advise our clients how to meet OSHA, EPA, DOT guidelines and do it efficiently with minimal upset and budgetary considerations.Hazardous Waste Manifest | hazardous waste consulting

The need for most generators, including the municipalities, to be aware of there responsibilities is paramount, yet it is something not many go out of their way to accomplish. When a federal arm conducts an inspection or there is an incident involving personnel or the environment, a knee-jerk reaction usually occurs. That reaction is usually a more costly and inefficient stop-gap solution. Allow us to be a First-on-Site low order inspection team that can get the preliminaries out of the way.

Please contact me for more information about our hazardous waste consulting or request a quote today. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jack Carpenter
MLi Environmental