When President Clinton signed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), many corporations in the United States decided to move manufacturing operations to other countries, to avoid taxes and maximize profits.  Another benefit of these corporate moves was not having to follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations protecting life and environment.

Many foreign countries never went through an industrial revolution and decades of heavy manufacturing as did the U.S. in the 19th century.

However, many countries are starting to feel and see the results of heavy metal, water, soil, and air pollution that these plants have created.

Would it have been to our advantage to keep these industries and technologies in the United States?  Had we done so, our labor unions and economy would have grown stronger, while our environment was protected, and overseen by the EPA.

Foreign governments have not focused heavily upon the environmental impact of chemical waste products produced by these manufacturers.  They are blind to the hazardous waste disaster that is happening.  Many do not have an EPA in place attempting to identify malpractice and initiate correction.

Possibly the U.S. should export mandatory inspection teams that will go into these foreign plants, institute change to clean up the local environment.  Then, having certified this cleanup, the corporations would be allowed to sell and operate as a U.S. firm.

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