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We are specialist in the disposal/removal of Hazardous Waste streams from companies all over the United States. We also act as Hazardous Consultants to many large generators within the East Coast area.


Methane Gas Locked in Arctic Sediment Potentially Could Impact Our Climate

Arctic researcher from New Hampshire has discovered methane gas within ice like crystals locked in sediment. He believes this could impact global climate change.  This leads one to wonder, how many moreRead More…


When does a small hazardous waste company make sense?

We do lab packs. Many companies do more than MLi Environmental when it comes to field services, but that also means they must support logistically and technically those other aspects. You, asRead More…


Hazmat Transporters: What does the Government require of them?

Hazardous Materials Carrier Responsibility According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), hazardous materials and chemical waste transporters have an obligation to comply with certain aspects that may overlap with theRead More…


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: The High Hazard Enforcer of DOT

Most government bureaucracies start off with the benefit of the public’s safety in mind. Over time, they grow because concern for the public’s safety only grows, it never diminishes. The Department ofRead More…


Foreign Based Corporations: Should U.S. Sponsored Environmental Audits be Conducted

When President Clinton signed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), many corporations in the United States decided to move manufacturing operations to other countries, to avoid taxes and maximize profits.  AnotherRead More…