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We are specialist in the disposal/removal of Hazardous Waste streams from companies all over the United States. We also act as Hazardous Consultants to many large generators within the East Coast area.


Chemical Hygiene Plans – How you keep your job and we save you money

How often do you dispose of your hazardous and non-hazardous chemical wastes? Do you know how much time the federal and state authorities allow you to move it?  Have you been inspected by officialsRead More…


FedEx Dangerous Goods (DG) Shipping- We Can Help

Got a unique solution or monolithic substance that is no longer virgin grade? Maybe you have a tote / drum of a material that has started to drip on a pallet ofRead More…


DOT, CDL and Hazardous Materials Compliance

Commercial drivers that transport hazardous materials must do so in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  The license they then hold is called a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).  TheRead More…


OSHA Imposing More Regulation Upon the Waste Industry

Recently, OSHA decided to start evaluating the Refuse and Waste Collection Industry on the same grading basis as the food industry, assigning grades dependent upon injury and illness reports.  In 2013, 33Read More…